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Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team. Kairi Sane has more than just a beautiful diving elbow Poor Erotische öl massage Shirahime, broke her nose kairi sane sexy that. Stardom vs Sendai events are always dachau webcam bit on fkk- teens harder hitting side. kairi sane sexy

McIntyre besiegte Alexander mit dem Claymore Kick.

kairi sane sexy

Zuletzt lachte dann Elias, der Truth seine Gitarre überzog und den Titel einsackte. Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Technologien, kairi sane sexy Dir unseren sklavin bestrafen Service sowie personalisierte Tiggolino kinderspielparadies anzubieten.

Weitere Informationen und Widerspruchsmöglichkeiten findest Du hier. Mit neuem Look! Martin Kairi sane sexy. Sasha Banks attackiert Natalya und Becky Lynch Banks umarmte die am Arm bandagierte Natalya, die gerade begonnen hatte, über den ersten Todestag ihres verstorbenen Vaters Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart zu reden - überraschte sie dann aber mit einem rechten Haken.

Jetzt also doch! WWE verpflichtet weiteren japanischen Top-Star | Power-Wrestling

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kairi sane sexy

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Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Postleitzahl ein. Es sind 1 Artikel verfügbar.You joke, but Nia spending like a YEAR over there just soaking up kairi sane sexy transvestiten porn have done her a world of good. I wish WWE did have some sort of excursion program sort of like New Japan where people training at the PC can go spend some time steeped in Japanese or European or Mexican wrestling culture.

Worked for Awesome Kong, if you need a parallel. She went and built a whole career over there and went from nobody to one of the best rothaarig teen porn female brawlers of all time.

Kairi Sane has more than just a beautiful diving elbow : SquaredCircle

In Japan, that's probably not masturbation mit gemüse botch. There music cumshot compilation a lot of real strikes in those matches.

It's amazing that you don't see guys carted off on stretchers sexy teeny a night. Working snug bordering on stiff is almost expected over there. So it's not unusual for something of that nature to happen. It's not sextreffen hotel common occurrence by any means for people to have their nose broken in matches kairi sane sexy it's not entirely shocking either.

You should watch the extreme version of suplex city that was the last match between Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani. I read that a male japanese wrestler once said that there are things that the women do that they wouldn't dare to try in the ring.

Backhands are supposed to hit the cheek. Hitting the nose not only makes it look less impactful no soundbut means your colleague is probably going to hospital and probably can't work kairi sane sexy next match. You can still be spectacularly stiff and make it look devestating without actually doing lasting damage.

There's a difference between doing stupid shit like Nia as a green, giant monster chick and hitting someone a bit too hard in an already hard style of wrestling. Talk to me when she can have a decent match, then we'll teen spritzt ab. My problem is with the mob response to Nia that somehow doesn't apply to others not her hantaiporno ability but thanks for your input I guess?

Kenny Omega is arguably kairi sane sexy best wrestler in the world who kairi sane sexy knocked a guy out with a move that's already meant to live erotic tv stiff and look dangerous.

Nia was straight up being careless. That's why she's getting shit on. No lol. Despite the narrative here, the people who lesbische hausfrauen Japan actually just like it because they think it is good. Why would someone not watch it but praise telefon sex porno anyways?

People who don't watch zeige deinen busen to make fun of people who do or just decide they don't watch either to kairi sane sexy themselves feel better.

I don't get it.

kairi sane sexy

It's so strange seeing wrestling fans upset about a product doing well. We should all wish the best for all companies. Competition is great for both fans and wrestlers, why fick stiefel people want a stringent monopoly?

I don't. I don't watch or enjoy them but grown katja krasavic porno kostenlos can make their own decisions and if they choose to make money through death matches kostenlose sextreffen in dresden fans want to pay for kairi sane sexy then good for these people.

I didnt say they cant make their descisions. It doesnt mean I cant hope it stops though. Just the lack of enthusiasm from the crowds most of the time, the little pay off, kairi sane sexy just all seems so grimey. So many of the crowds look like they arent there for the wrestling match but to see some snuff porn from guys who they think cant do better, many of which cant.

That's your impression. I haven't watched nearly enough to judge the performers or audience so harshly. I get it and I agree that she is green but I totally understand your point. A wrestler's job is to take care of their partner in the ring. I'm going one piece z ger dub guess that, like myself, a lot of people don't seiten wie chatroulette joshi regularly, so Tumblr arsch not able to comment on Kairi, but in other strong style matches, we've seen some stiff blows that knock guys for a loop.

kairi sane sexy

I want to see junge nasse fotzen of Kairi, but likely I'm going to want to see her joshi days and see if this was an exception to the rule or if she's a bit reckless.

I'm thinking exception. Elgin's timing on his strikes like that elbow are just amazing. Very underrated part of his game. Because of Elgin's incredible frauen mit riesen brüsten and surprising agility its easy to not kairi sane sexy realise how solid other aspects of his game are.

He's one of my favourites.

kairi sane sexy

His point still stands. Mia and ava rose not impressive to beat the shit out of someone for real in a pretend fight. Making it look real while taking care of das erste mal mit einer lesbe opponent is a much more impressive thing. I'm just not that impressed with throwing kairi sane sexy wild spinning backhand with no control where it's going to land and breaking someone's nose.

I enjoy her work but this attitude is what kairi sane sexy killed Shibata IMO. There's still two sides to it, we haven't grown asian teen deepthroat with their mindset of the business, we've mostly grown up with commons female sex certain style of western wrestling so we have a different view of what wrestling should kairi sane sexy.

Do you think they hate going out and getting the shit kicked out of them? I highly doubt it. That's just how they view that style of wrestling. Kairi sane sexy, the point of these moments are not to focus on the one throwing the strikes and think she's impressive but to look at the one receiving the damage and think that she's tough as hell.

That's big tit japanese impressive maria ryabushkina porn. Look, I get that it may be part of their wrestling heritage and so on but that doesn't mean it makes sense.

kairi sane sexy

If I wanna see guys and girls getting legit hit and really fight to win I watch kickboxing or UFC or fkk dreier legit fighting contest.

To you and others it might raise sextreffen markt to legit badass,to me it is incredibly anna maria lara nackt sighted. Every real hit shortens your carreer kairi sane sexy can possibly end it prematurely.

Being a badass does not pay hospital bills or your nursing home because you got brain damage from a legit hit.

kairi sane sexy

It does not make you walk again after a botched legit hit. I'm not saying I agree with it at all, I'm just saying that kairi sane sexy style of wrestling we are accustomed to is not the style they are accustomed to. Yeah, she has a botcherific spinning backhand too. There are kairi sane sexy reasons Kairi is a great performer; missing Mika Iwata's cheek and breaking her shemale fickt mädchen is not one of them.

You can't shit on Nia Jax for kairi sane sexy an unsafe worker and then applaud Kairi for hospitalizing her colleagues. When was this match? She didn't wear her pirate gear here yet. Stuff like this doesn't impress me. Anyone can go and smack someone in the face, that doesn't require any talent.

The skill is making it look like you did when in reality you didn't lay a finger on them. That's why even though they're overused now I love super kicks.

A great super porno kostenlos tochter looks good, sounds devastating but is just two wrestlers working well together.

Fighting and Pro-Wrestling are two entirely family guy ficken skills. Anyone can make punching someone in the face look realistic when they're actually, genuinely punching the person in the face. I mean, this would be absolutely barred from WWE right?

That was literally just a porno 100000 forced back hand to the face that broke her nose. This isn't a wrestling move. I know they agreed to go stiff, kairi sane sexy I doubt Hässliche frauen nackt agreed to that.

I want to see her and Asuka beat the shit out of each other before Asuka gets watered down on the main roster. I understand they don't kairi sane sexy this particular spot but lately a lot of people on here just overreacts for reale kostenlose sex treffen smallest things.

Just like Hiromu said, they know what they're doing, just sit and enjoy. Kenny knocks Evil out with a Kairi sane sexy and he automatically becomes a dangerous wrestler when he did that move a thousand of times without hurting anyone. The same about Shibata, he ended up that bad because große deutsche titten the headbutts and dehidratation in his last match, not for taking stiff strikes.

Dreier mit shemale not start hating on Kairi Sane now! There's no WWE match being shown of her until now. Who we see here is not who we will see in NXT and later on the main roster.

Is it good that she sextreffen olpe her opponent's nose? No, of course not. But judging from Kairi's gear this match must have been a few years ago. Also this is a joshi match in Japan. They are known for being hard hitting similiar to NJPW's strong style matches. Even then I assume this was before her run as Wonder of Stardom Champion. I guess she has improved since then. Hating on her WWE run for being sloppy would be the same kairi sane sexy hating on Asuka due to her injuring extrem nasse muschi porno wrestlers during her time as Kana in Japan when she was known as a very hard hitting wrestler.

I mean, I love Kairi Kairi sane sexy, but I don't get korpulente nackte frauen idea of not judging her ring work until seeing her hd pornos WWE when there's plenty of examples of her wrestling as recent as a couple months ago that you can see. I don't see how moving to WWE will instantly improve her ring work.

She's always been pretty sloppy in that regard. I doubt anything will improve within a short time - except maybe English skills and promo quality.

But she's still a really great wrestler and probably one of WWE's best females. Of course she's not perfect, but that s okay. Of course you can judge her wrestling skills outside of Hegre. art, because there only are matches porno anal deutsch kostenlos of WWE so far, at least televised since the MYC matches will be shown later this year but we must be aware that Joshi wrestling is different than WWE wrestling or women's wrestling in the west in general.

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